David Michery

David Michery is the CEO of Mullen Technologies, a California-based company that manufactures and distributes eco-friendly cars. Mullen Technologies is at the forefront of research into energy-efficient, electric vehicles, a cause Michery strongly believes in. “Clean transportation is good for everyone and should not become a luxury,” says Michery.

Michery’s vision is fueled by a passion for cars and the environment. A connoisseur and collector of cars, one of Michery’s prized possessions is an Acura NSX-R ‘94, Honda’s entry into the supercar realm. Concerned about the air pollution caused by vehicular emissions, David Michery is dedicated to finding innovative, holistic solutions to the clean air problem.

Prior to founding Mullen Technologies, Michery had a successful music career that spanned 27 years. As an owner and executive of several music labels, Michery owned and produced many gold or platinum records and released many new popular songs. Michery’s musical acumen led to financial success and transformed the lables he ran into successful multimedia companies.

Michery’s music success also finds its roots from a personal passion. Born and raised in East Los Angeles, David Michery discovered his musical talent in his 20’s. One of his early productions is John Shaffer, III, aka, “Candy Man”, known for his top 10 platinum hit “Knockin Boots”, which was a huge success. Many people refer to Michery as the father of the cross pollination between R&B and hip-hop. David is also known for his ownership and production on DMX, Nate Dogg, and ALL For One, known for their #1 mega hit “I swear”.